‘’RIKON AC’’ presents new ‘’Panasonic’’ heat pump and air-con models

‘’RIKON AC’’ will introduce to the “MĀJA I 2017” visitors the latest "Panasonic" air-conditioner and heat pump  models.  Supplies the Panasonic NORDIC air-to-air heat pumps and the Panasonic AQUAREA T-CAP air-to-water equipment, designs heating systems based on them, provides installation and maintenance of systems, giving them a 5 years warranty.

The company provides an unique 7 years warranty for the Panasonic NORDIC 2016/2017 air-to-air models! All indicated the Panasonic air heat pumps provide high energy efficiency in the Latvian climatic conditions. The company has installed more than 4 300 air-to-air and 850 air-to-water heat pumps in Latvia and Lithuania, providing homes heating in fall, winter, spring, their cooling in summer, as well as the hot water production the year round.

The company is also engaged in the design, installation and service of air conditioning and ventilation systems, providing a 5 years warranty. More than 6300 air conditioners are installed. ‘’RIKON AC’’ offers the Panasonic VRF line - professional air conditioners/heat pumps also.

‘’RIKON AC’’ sells all the goods above wholesale.    

To get acquainted with the Panasonic NORDIC and AQUAREA T-CAP models range and to get all necessary information and recommendations is possible at the company's "RIKON AC" stand at the trade fair "MĀJA I 2017"(09.-12.03.2017) and at the constant  Panasonic salon in Riga, Straupes street 3, phone number 67310975.







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