Latvian windows for the Scandinavian market

The enterprise Saluds manufactures and assembles plastic and aluminium windows and doors. Over the last years the manufacturers seriously turn regard on Scandinavia and have already implemented several projects in Norway. One of them is winter garden beyond the Arctic Circle. For the Scandinavian market perculiar Scadinavian-type windows with the outward opening are offered. When asked why there is a demand for this type of windows in Scandinavia, Saluds representative Oleg Danilov answers that it has become a custom with them. For instance, 90 per cent of Norwegians choose the windows with the outward opening.

The windows devised for the Scandinavian market are made of English REHAU profile systems – starting with the standard and finishing with the sophisticated solutions. From REHAU PVH profile systems it is possible to produce windows of any shape and configuration: rectangular, polygonal, round, arched and combined with high heat and sound insulation. REHAU profile family NORDIC DESIGN PLUS is made of the composite material and in the majority of cases you can do without the usual steel fittings in these windows.

The benefit of such windows is that they can better retain heat and at the same time keep up other generally known windows peculiarities – stability, intrusion safety and so on. This profile family is characterised by the source material RAU-FIPRO, reinforced with glass fibres PVC (polyvinylchloride). The shape and functionality of NORDIC DESIGN PLUS profile has been designed specifically for the Scandinavian market, bearing in mind the shape and construction traditions.

The original profile system REHAU S706 made in Great Britain enables to produce windows with the window leaf fully opening outwards. All in all Saluds offers for the Scandinavian market windows with five different opening types, but all of them open outwards.

The windows are equipped with the Norwegian firm Spilka fittings. As a standard variant Glaskon selective glass units produced in Latvia are mounted into the windows, however, it is also possible to choose the other, for instance, different ornamental glass types.

Not only traditional white windows can be obtained. It is also possible to choose other colours and the profile decorations from the catalogue. However, the Scandinavian people are conservative also in this respect and predominantly choose windows of the white colour.

Over the last years positive experience and good contacts have been established with the partners in Scandinavia. This allows to understand quickly and simply the wishes of Scandinavian customers in the area of windows and other glazed structures. Wherever these are plain windows for social houses or delicate and technically complicated winter gardens, SALDUS shall make them, deliver them and install them even at the most remote Norwegian northern point. For more information about the products offered by the enterprise please visit the web site


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